Nov 14

What Diffusion Means in the Aromatherapy World

Calming Oil BurnerAromatherapy has around for thousands of years.  Ancient Egypt, Italy, India, and China used plant essential oils.  It uses the medicinal properties of the essential oils of herbs and plants.  Aromatherapy is widely practiced in North America and Europe as a part of spa treatments and holistic treatments of illnesses.  The oils are extracted from flowers, leaves, stems, buds, branches, and roots.  Diffusers are used to project the scent into a room in a fast and efficient way.

Aromatherapy oils can affect almost any part of the body.  It can be used as an antiviral, tranquilizer, diuretic, and antibacterial and for stimulation of the senses.  The molecules from the essential oils are pulled in through the nasal cavity and goes to the limbic system in the brain.  This part of the brain influences emotions, memories and is linked to the adrenal, pituitary gland, and hypothalamus.  These glands are important because they regulate heart rate, reduce stress, improve memory, keep your hormones balanced, and help with breathing.  Essential oils used in aromatherapy can immediately balance the emotional and physiological parts of our brain.  They are toxic if taken internally but can be used orally with the guidance of a professional trained in this field.

Diffusers put the essential oils into the atmosphere and start healing almost instantly.  Various ailments such as allergies, stress, burns, earache, PMS, insect bites, and insomnia showed improvement with the use of aromatherapy.  There are many more illnesses that aromatherapy is able to help.

There are several means of diffusing essential oils and using them in treating various ailments and allergies.  You can start with something that is simple and with items we normally all have in our homes.  Drop little drops of essential oils on a tissue and put it on a table close to you.  This is an easy form of diffusion.  Any movement in the room or by you will release a new wave of scent into the atmosphere.

Steam inhalation is also used for respiratory problems, Remember the Vicks rub on the chest with your head hanging over a kettle of steam?  We experienced a sense of relief and easier breathing after it was over.  Placing a few drops of oil into a bowl of boiling water can set up steam diffusion.  It should be around 10 drops to be effective.  The steam will allow them to spread quickly throughout a room by evaporation.  This is a quick diffusion method but doesn’t last long.

Candle diffusion is another way of sending the scent throughout a room.  Allow a candle to burn for about five minutes, blow it out, and then place one drop of scented oil in the melted wax.  Be sure not to get it on the wick, and then relight the candle.  Essential oils are flammable, be careful when using the candle diffusion method.

Lamp rings are also favorites for essential oil diffusion.  They are inexpensive and the scented oil is placed in a groove around the ring and then placed on the lamp.  The oil if dropped on the lamp can cause the bulb to burst, so care should be used.

As with all the above heat methods of diffusion, it’s important to remember that heating can reduce the ingredients in the essential oils and they may not be as effective.

The cold method of diffusion is one that is most recommended.  It consists of a small pad that you place a few drops of oil on and then place it on a tray.  The fan will then blow across the pad and fill the room with fragrance.  You will need to be sure the fan size will fill the room you are using it in.  Some may be too small for rooms and the benefits are reduced.  You can buy these diffusers as either battery operated or by electricity.  Some will have the ability to convert from battery to electrical with an adapter.

Fan diffusers can be found in many different shapes and sizes.  It will be easy for you to find the size you need for the room you wanting the aromatherapy.  Fan diffusers are portable and can be moved from room to room.  It’s easy to change the pad in the diffuser and place it in your child’s room to ease cold symptoms.


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