Nov 14

The Versatility of Lavender

Dried lavender herb and essential aromatherapy oil

Dried lavender herb and essential aromatherapy oil

Lavender is only one of the most versatile essential oils in the world today.  It is extracted from the lilac colored flowers of a tall plant.  Lavender has an effect on mind, emotions, and the body.  It’s also often used as a disinfectant, treatment of insect bites, and used to repel insects.  This versatile essential oil is a product you should always have on hand if you use aromatherapy.  English Lavender is a perennial plant favorite in gardens and loves dry soil and much sunshine.  It blooms from July through September and fills your garden with a beautiful soothing scent.  The color is a brownish lilac and when the essential oils are distilled, it turns into a yellow thin liquid. The botanical name is Lavendula Officinalis and is extracted through steam distillation.  The scent is fresh, sweet, floral, and slightly fruity.  A book titled “Essential Oils” will give you safety instructions before using lavender and never use undiluted essential oils.

There is no suggestion that use of lavender oil is unsafe if used in the proper amounts.  You should never take any oils internally and never apply undiluted essential oils direct to the skin.  Before using any essential oil, you should conduct a skin patch test to see if you have any reaction.  Use of essential oils are not recommended if you are pregnant, epileptic, have cancer or liver damage or any other medical problem for which you are being treated.  Essential oils are safe if used under the proper guidance of someone who is qualified to advise you of safety issues.

Here are some of the effects lavender has on the mind and emotions.

In small amounts, it is very calming.

In larger amounts, it can be very stimulating.

It promotes restful and rejuvenating sleep.

Balances mood swings.

Soothes the nervous system.

Reduces stress and tension

A mood enhancer.

It also has definite effects on the body as well.  Some of those favorable effects are:

Healing of the skin.

Relaxation of tight muscles.

Improves digestion.

Lessens aches and pains.

Breaks up congestion.

Reduces inflammation.

Lavender is also used as a disinfectant, soothing the itch of insect bites, and even helps repel insects.  Many other uses of lavender include helping treat acne, asthma, bruises, burns, colic, cuts, earache, flatulence, oily skin, and sprains, stress, stretch marks and even whooping cough.

Wonderful recipes for lavender use can be found on the Internet.  Here are just a few that are common recipes for common ailments.

Depression:  Blend one drop of lavender, one drop of ylang ylang, three drops of grapefruit blend and two drops of frankincense.  Last, add one drop of lemon or jasmine.

Combat Anxiety:  Families of service personnel, here is a good one, not only for your family member in combat but for family members waiting at home as well.  Three drops of lavender, two drops clary sage, blend in another drop of lavender, one drop of rose, two drops of mandarin, and one drop of vetiver.

Calming, Relaxing Aromatherapy blend to be used with a diffuser:  Use a blend of a ration of two drops roman chamomile to each drop of lavender.  It’s then ready for use in the diffuser.

Acne cure using aromatherapy essential oils:  Two recipes were found for acne treatment.  The first one is; ten drops of lavender, seven drops of tea tree, or New Zealand tea tree, two drops of bergamot oil and one drop of geranium oil.  The second is; twelve drops of lavender, seven drops tea tree or New Zealand tea tree oils, leave out the bergamot oil and put in one drop of geranium essential oil.

Lavender is the best all-round aromatherapy treatment.  It’s subtle smell but strong property ingredients make this an essential part of your aromatherapy supplies.

For those that already have English Lavender growing in their gardens, you already know the calming effect the scent of these beautiful flowers can give you.  Why not go a little further and make them an important part of your indoor environment as well.  You will reap many benefits from this beautiful flower and powerful essential oil.


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