Nov 14

The Top Aromatherapy Scents Used for Calming

aromatherapyThere are a variety of aromatherapy scents that can be useful for calming and relieving stress.  It is true that the very process of Aromatherapy is calming, but some essential oils, in and of themselves, have natural powers for soothing and calming the person that is experiencing the aromas.  It is important to know exactly what oils are best for what treatments.  Some are better for healing and relieving certain types of pain, while others are better for promoting alertness and are thus stimulating.  So, it is necessary that one know exactly what each essential oil is capable of and works best for promoting and fighting against.

Probably one of the most popular oils for calming is lavender.  This oil comes from France primarily and is one of the ‘essential’ essential oils.  Known for its multi-diverse functions, it can be effective for treating all sorts of ailments.  But, the most common use of lavender is calming and relaxing the person.  It is a very pleasant herbal and floral scent, and can calm and balance the mind and spirit.  It is a hardy plant, and can grow in almost any garden.  The oils from lavender, when applied in Aromatherapy, diffuse tension and anger, soothing the ‘uptight’ soul.  It is also very good for the insomniac.  It helps to give one a good night sleep in spite of tension and stress.

Another scent that is very calming is jasmine.  Originating in India, this oil is called the “king” of oils.  It possesses a rich, deep scent that is sensual and relaxing.  It is also used to prevent mental blockage, nervousness and sadness.  It functions quite well as an antidepressant.

Chamomile is another oil that is excellent for calming.  From Italy, this oil has a powerful sedating effect.  As most know, in the form of a tea, chamomile is praised as a marvelous relaxing drink.  In Aromatherapy, its properties are not much different.  Not only does it calm, but also it reduces pain and stress.

Although it is used as invigorating oil, bergamot can be considered a calming essential oil.  This Italian oil is helpful for relieving stress and ‘loosening up’ one’s tensed state.

Rose, as an essential oil is perfect for promoting a calming effect.  Originating in Bulgaria, it has been used for such things as hysteria, grief and depression.  It is calming and supportive, even being thought to balance out female hormonal cycles.

Clary sage, the essential oil from Russia, is one essential oil with a herbaceous, light, fruity aroma that is irresistible.  With its sweet, floral fragrance, it often gives one a euphoric sense after exposure to it.  In fact, clary sage is believed to help stimulate the body’s natural production of endorphins that ease fatigue and chronic pain.

Neroli is an exotic oil that is produced in several different countries including France, Morocco, Tunisia, and Egypt.  The oil is extracted from the bitter orange and it is one of the best aromatic anti-depressants.  It is good for stress, anxiety, shock, fear and lack of confidence.

Another top oil for calming is sandalwood.  This is another oil from India and besides being useful for the treatment of acne; it is a wonderful way to calm one’s nerves.  Although these essential oils are very hard to harvest and hard to find, they relax and soothe irritation as well as help lift bouts of depression.

One essential oil that is reminiscent of jasmine is Ylang Ylang.  This Madagascaran “flower of flowers” is sweet, exotic, floral and sensual.  It has been used as an anti-depressant and is a most exquisite way of calming one body and soul.  This essential oil calms anger and releases tension, a true essential oil.  As far as the physical effects that Ylang Ylang can help with, it has been known to also fight acne, lower blood pressure, ease muscle spasms, relieve the symptoms of PMS, and fight bacteria, among some of its other uses.

Lastly, a top calming essential oil is vanilla.  This oil is found in such tropical places as Tahiti, Madagascar and Java.  It is rich, warm and sweet and is a type of orchid.  Not only is it one of the most pleasant fragrances of the oils, but also it helps promote a calm and relieves stress in its users.  Also it is thought to be an aphrodisiac.  These are the top calming aromatherapy oils used today.

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