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Aug 21

Peppermint and Lemon Aromatherapy Foot Bath Recipe

Simple peppermint and lemon aromatherapy foot bath recipe for tired feet will lift depression, relieve stress and aid relaxation. An aromatherapy foot bath is effective and easy to do at home – real DIY stress relief. Here are our favourite ways of using a peppermint and lemon aromatherapy foot bath recipe with essential oils to …

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Nov 14

The Top Eight Aromatherapy Essential Oils and their Properties

Centuries after the Ancient Egyptians used aromatherapy, the practice is still being used. Whether you burn a candle, warm a few drops of oil, or massage the oils onto your skin, aromatherapy promotes physical and mental well-being.  Aromatherapy is exciting and it seems to be everywhere you look. With so many essential oils out there …

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Nov 10

Holistic Lifestyle through Aromatherapy

In the day and age where our lives have become much like that of going through a drive-in window, we begin to find we don’t have time to do the things we enjoy, or find that time to have a quality relationship with ourselves, others in our lives and hence flowing over into our spiritual …

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Nov 09

Aromatherapy’s Role in an Easier Pregnancy

Pregnancy is both a wonderful time and an also a time for stress and apprehension.  Aromas have a powerful effect on our bodies and can influence our emotional state.  Aromatherapy roughly translates as “treatment with scents.”  It is the practice of using essential oils as a therapy to go with the program your doctor has …

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