Nov 13

Scent-able Massage Oils

aromatherapyMassage; it’s the opportunity to be pampered with an hour of full body relaxation therapy. The numerous centers that you can go to will all do it differently. They’ll have their own plan on how to make you feel the most refreshed. But all of them will have one thing in common. They’ll use massage oils to improve your feeling of well-being.

Massage oils that are scented offer a double benefit. First, the massage oil itself has the benefit of allowing the massage to be done with the least amount of friction of the skin.  This obviously is much more comfortable.  Then you will have to choose whether you want to use heavy or light massage oil. Are you looking for something to ease your discomforts, improve skin condition or help awaken your partner’s interest?

Secondly, the scents offer a healing benefit.  Human beings are deeply affected by the odors around them.  Not only do smells bring back memories of special moments in our pasts, but also they recall to us things that brought is happiness or perhaps regret. Our sense of smell directly affects the part of the brain that deals with our emotions.  This means that in our day-to-day life the fragrances around us affect our moods. Since the purpose of a massage is to relax or be revitalized the scents used in massage oils will defiantly have an effect on the way we feel when it’s done.

Some scented massage oils are going to go their best to affect the way you feel. These scents come in the essential oils used with massage. What is an essential oil?  They are those dark fragrant bottles of mystifying natural healing agent that are made from plant materials such as flowers, leaves, bark, berries or fruit. These can are found at either your local grocery store or any health shop.  They are surprisingly not overly expensive for what they are able to do.

With so many scents to choose from how do you decide what to use during your first massage or the ones after that.  Many professionals will suggest you begin with one of the citrus scents. This is because citrus is a known fragrance, not too overpowering and gives you an overall feeling of well-being. It will lift your spirits. One of the more popular of the citrus scents is bergamot. With a sharp scent this oil reduces stress, relieve anxiety and helps prepare you for a good nights sleep.  Another citrus scent is mandarin, available in green or red, with slight differences depending on which you use. Green mandarin, which has a tartier scent, is energizing and uplifting.  Red mandarin is a more complex smell, a favorite of citrus lovers and gentle enough to be used by children or pregnant women.

Lavender is another very popular scent. It’s stronger than the citruses but is the next most used scent. Lavender will calm the nerves in part because it acts as an anti-spasmodic. This makes it also work for stress reduction. Lavender has also been found to be useful in eliminating headaches. Rosemary is a stronger scent with a somewhat medicinal smell that is often used for men as it reminds them of their aftershave. It helps with ease aching muscles.  Many scent seem to be preferred by one gender while the scent of vanilla seems to please both men and women. It helps promote a lessening of tension, gives you a calming feeling and is also known for its ability to help dissolve strong feelings of anger.  Roman Chamomile, good for relaxation, has a lovely fruity scent.  There are so many aromatic scents to choose from when getting a massage that it would take months before you’d have to repeat your choices. Don’t forget that scented massage oils can also be a turn on before lovemaking.

As the therapeutic massage proceeds often the massage therapist will suggest using a blend of five essential oils that would be instilled with the calming scent of lavender.  The use of multiple scents increases the potential beneficial affects of the massage and so enables the therapist to ensure that the client leaves feeling relaxed, comfortable and having enjoyed the invigorating scents surrounding them.


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