Nov 13

Popular Uses of Lavender in Aromatherapy

Dried lavender herb and essential aromatherapy oil

Dried lavender herb and essential aromatherapy oil

In aromatherapy today lavender has become very popular as an essential oil that is used.  It is known to do many things for people, from helping to relieve stress to the promotion of healing certain non-serious ailments.  The plant itself is a small evergreen like shrub from which the oils are extracted.  There are over 30 species of lavender, but the one that is used most frequently is the one named lavandula angustifolia.  The oil itself is almost colorless.  But the hue is detected as a pale-yellowish tint.  And, the aroma is said to have an uplifting fragrance upon just smelling it.

Lavender was so powerful in ancient times that many writers were inspired to create tales about their mystifying aura.  For instance, the Greeks felt that lavender was a potion that could conjure up their god of the underworld Hecate.  Clearly this implies that the oil has a long history.  Contemporary uses for the oils include, but not limited to, stress relief, the treatment of epilepsy, giddiness or fainting spells, relieving a toothache and application to the joints as a way of promoting limberness and reducing stiffness.

Because lavender oils have an amazing ability to affect more than just one area of concern, it is a popular oil to use.  Some of its popular uses include stress relief.  For relieving stress, lavender has been proven to help most effectively.  Some of the methods employed for relieving stress are inhalation through a diffuser, bed pillow dropping and bath diffusion.  When using it as a diffuser, it can help reduce stress levels by simply breathing in the vapors.  Just a few drops on your pillow at night can help reduce your stress.  The vapors are diffused in the air while you sleep which makes it easier to use as a therapy.  Off course, diffusing it in a bathtub while taking a bath is clearly a perfect way to help with stress.  Not only does the therapy consist of balancing out various chemicals in the body and brain that help regulate moods, but also the very act of laying down in a comfortably warm bath is obviously a great way to help with such a situation.

Not only do lavender oils help relieve stress, but they can also provide healing in the body.  Lavender is known to help soothe and reduce the inflammation of insect bites and burns that result in skin irritations.  By simply rubbing a concentrated dose of lavender oil on the infected area it can help promote healing of that malady.  It is very likely that lavender oil would be a great addition to first aid kits, not only as a natural alternative to some of the chemically enhanced medicines typically used for burns and bites, but would also help with the high levels of anxiety that come with such ailments.

Lavender has also proven to be successful at helping patients who suffer from such minor joint problems such as muscular sprains, rheumatism and dysmenorrhea.  A blend of lavender oils applied to the areas of pain, or even breathed in, can help sufferers of these aches and pains.

Lavender can even be effective in everyday skin care.  For instance, it can be used as a means of reducing acne, inflammations caused by sunburns and a host of other minor skin problems.  If blended with peppermint with a 1:1 mixture, it has been known to be a successful treatment against sunburn and sunstroke. In addition, it is even helpful for the growth of new skin cells.  By mixing lavender with bergamot, it has been said to balance sebum production.

Unbelievably, lavender is also useful for respiratory and digestive problems.  For instance, such ailments as bronchial problems, hay fever and asthma can be treated with it, as that, it has that calming effect which relaxing muscles helping one breathe better.  This also is true for the digestive system.  If applied to one, it can help with nausea, vomiting and flatulence.  As well, lavender is thought to be a helpful essential oil for the production of bile.  With this in mind, it is may be associated with the metabolizing of some fats.  Yes, even the circulatory system can benefit from the use of lavender.  It is said that it can help reduce blood pressure and inhibit palpitations.  These, and probably many more, are just some of the popular uses for the essential oil lavender.

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