Nov 10

How Fan Diffusers Work in Aromatherapy

bottle of fir tree essential oilAromatherapy works by spreading the scent of essential oils throughout our environment.

Scientists say we breathe around 22,000 times a day.  That means we are inhaling 400 cubic feet of air each day.  Most of us spend 80% of our day indoors.  A surprising fact is the air inside might be as bad for us as the air outside!  A diffuser is used to spread the scents and therapeutic benefits throughout a room.  It’s an effective method and unlike methods that involves heating, doesn’t change the fragrance of the oil or destroy the therapeutic ingredients.  Essential oils diffused throughout a room will give you a heightened feeling of harmony and happiness.  It helps to revive your body, mind, and spirit.

Our sense of smell is one of our five senses that is our most primitive.  It may be thousands of times more sensitive than our other senses.  People, who have hearing problems or are legally blind, report that their sense of smell is improved and helps compensate for loss of sight or hearing.  Smell has the power to trigger our brain immediately influencing our moods, memories, and emotions.  What do you think of when you smell lilacs in the air, the smell of wood smoke from a neighbors fireplace, or the wonderful scent of the perfume or aftershave your loved one wears?  This sense of smell can trigger unpleasant memories and anxiety attacks.  We often associate different experiences with what we smelled at the time.  The scent of warm vanilla can trigger a memory of a wonderful time baking sugar cookies in grandma’s kitchen, and cigar smoke can make you think of how uncomfortable you felt when your uncle came to visit.

A fan diffuser reduces the oils to tiny droplets that become a part of the air you breathe.  It not only is helping with the soothing scent that goes directly to the brain, it also helps the respiration as we breathe the tiny droplets into the lungs.  This gives us a quick pick-me-up and is a great over-all benefit to our feelings.

Another interesting fact is a fan diffuser using an interval timer.  It is used to awaken our brain by catching our smelling function napping.  It then allows us to receive the full benefit of aromatherapy and improves our performance.  You also may buy a diffuser that has an adjustable control that allows you to release the fragrance you want in your room.  If the scent is overpowering or if it isn’t enough, it can be adjusted with a simple turn of the control.

A diffuser can also work as an air purifier.  It can scrub the air and some diffusers have these intake filters built in.  These filters will trap pollen, dust, bacteria, dander, and some viruses.  Pure air means better health, better immune systems, and a better oxygen supply to the cells of your body.  Oxygen is an essential part of our health.  Our cells need oxygen and the purer the better.  If we are spending 80% of our time indoors, we are still breathing in impure air.  If you have pets, or a smoker in the house, you are breathing in polluted air.  Some diffusers will come with built in air filters and some will even have disposable filters that will work more than a year when used normally.

How is a fan diffuser used?  It’s simple, and often can be run either by battery or with a power adapter to plug into a wall outlet.  Simply by placing a few drops of whatever essential oil, you want in your air on a cloth pad and then turn on the fan.  The fan is normally not noisy or distracting, and the fan spreads the scent throughout the room.  You will want to choose your fan diffuser with the dimensions of your room in mind.  It should be large enough to dispense the scent throughout the room you are going to put it in.

Diffusers can also be used to treat germs.  That’s right, a simple recipe can help sooth sore throats, antibacterial, and is good for bronchitis and throat or sinus infections.

Put five drops of lemon and five drops of eucalyptus on the pad and then turn on your diffuser fan.  As you breathe in you will notice a soothing of the symptoms.  All natural ingredients with a little help from a diffuser!


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