Nov 10

Holistic Lifestyle through Aromatherapy

Shea butter, nuts,moisturizer and cosmetic oilIn the day and age where our lives have become much like that of going through a drive-in window, we begin to find we don’t have time to do the things we enjoy, or find that time to have a quality relationship with ourselves, others in our lives and hence flowing over into our spiritual relationship. When we look at what the definition of holistic living, the American Heritage Dictionary says it is the belief of emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts.  People who want to live holistic lifestyles spend time working on the whole picture of themselves including the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social parts of their person. Holistic lifestyles not only emphasize the common parts of good health including maintaining a good physical being, they also suggest examining and changing a person’s nutrition, environment, and social values to ensure the person is living up to his or her potential. A huge part of any good holistic lifestyle can be aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy essentially means treating the body through scents for various kinds of conditions. Essential oils from plants like lavender, rose, lemon, and peppermint can be used in a variety of ways that may help holistically care for your body.  They could be added to a warm bath. You could use them as massage oil. You can inhale them on a direct basis. You may even choose to use them as a room scent and inhale them that way. As holistic medicine emphasizes treating the whole person, aromatherapy can also be used for that purpose. The essential oils used in aromatherapy can change your mood. They can help to calm you in the evening after a long day or stimulate you in the morning after a long night. They can help to relieve your anxiety problems. They can even help you relax, no matter what kinds of stresses occur in your day. If you choose to use them as massage oils, they can help to relive all sorts of pain. They can even be used in your everyday skin care regimen to promote healthy, fit skin. If you choose to inhale essential oils as a part of your aromatherapy treatments, they help to stimulate the olfactory nerves, thereby affecting both the brain and the nervous system.

Any good aromatherapy treatment to help you live a holistic lifestyle relies on essential oils. These are essences that are taken from trees, flowers, plants, fruit, bark, seeds, or grasses. Only the most therapeutic plant material are used, and only those that have shown some form of psychological or physiological aid through the years of aromatherapy research are introduced into good aromatherapy circles. For the most part, there are about 150 essential oils in most aromatherapy practices. Some of them have all sorts of antiseptic properties include antiviral applications, anti-inflammatory uses, pain-relieving properties, anti-depressant uses, or expectorant applications. There are, though, a few other properties of essential oils. Some help with stimulation. Some are a great aid to relaxation. Many can even help to improve digestion or work as a diuretic in many people. It is important to note, though, that if you expect to introduce aromatherapy to your holistic lifestyle, you should only use essential oils that are made from natural materials. Many companies sell essential oils that are made from synthetic materials, and these should be avoided at all costs when you are trying to live a purely holistic lifestyle. They simply do not work.

Using aromatherapy as a part of a larger holistic lifestyle is one of the fastest growing alternative lifestyles in the world. Increasingly, it is used in the medical profession in a number of different applications. Women use it to ease labor pains on a regular basis. It is often used by seriously ill patients, like those dealing with cancer to help ease the problems associated with the side effects of traditional treatments. It has even been used to help rehabilitate people with heart problems. The medical industry, though, isn’t the only profession catching on to the world of holistic living through aromatherapy. In Japan, many engineers are adding aroma systems into buildings of all professions. It can help to calm customers or keep staff members alert as they perform their job duties. Holistic living through aromatherapy can certainly help meet all of your needs.

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