Nov 10

Do’s and Don’ts for Aromatherapy Beginners

essential oils with herbsThere are many helpful do’s and don’ts about aromatherapy that can help those interested in having a better understanding of how to appropriately use it.  One ‘do’ that is necessary is read as much as you can about it.  There are many great websites, books and other sources that can provide a lot of useful information for the beginner.

Another ‘do’ is to be wary of where you purchase these essential oils.  The quality of the oils used in aromatherapy varies and it is important to make sure that you get not only the best for your money, but purchase the most effective and highest quality product.  It is not too uncommon to find companies making false claims about their products.  Make sure that you have some background information about the manufacturers and retail stores that carry these materials.  The more you know about them the better.

Do pay close attention to the region or country where the essential oils purchased are harvested.  Some countries are known for higher quality oils than others.  Most retailers make available this information, even on some occasions informing the consumer of the best and worst regions for such oils.  After all, some countries harvest their oils from plants that are grown organically and thus of a higher quality than others.  Knowing this will help finding the right oils for you easier.

Do make sure to purchase oils from well-established companies and not ‘alley vendors’.  The less one is sure about the reputation of the retailer the more likely one will receive a lower quality product.  Remember, it is your health and well being at stake.  Although some products may come cheaper, there is a larger price to pay, in the end.

Do store your oils in some sort of glass, preferably of a darker color such as amber or cobalt blue and in a dark, cool area.  Keeping the oils free from extensive exposure to light and heat will only extend the life of the oils so that you can keep them longer.

But, don’t purchase perfumed oils thinking that they are a less expensive alternative to essential oils.  Although they have a pleasing smell like essential oils, they lack the therapeutic feature of them.  It is true that performed oils offer a pleasant fragrance, but that is all they will give off.  It would be better to go ahead and purchase the essential oils and get the benefits of aroma and therapy.

Don’t buy essential oils that are stored in glass jars that have a rubber sealant.  The oils, being that they are very concentrated, will only eat away at the rubber, turning it to a gummy-like substance.  This will ultimately ruin the oils by tainting it with the substance.

Don’t ignore the safety information that is inscribed on the packages of Aromatherapy materials.  Most of this information is for your best interest and should be read and understood.  Much of the information is instructional.  It may tell you to use only a certain portion of the product at a time, as to prevent you from being overexposed to the oils.  Or, the instructions may describe in details the way in which the oils should be diffused.  Whatever it may say, do not just glance over it, but take your time to read all of the information carefully.

Don’t assume that the names of the plant from which the oils are derived are the same in each botanical species.  Pay close attention to the botanical name, which is often a Latin derivative, to distinguish one essential oil from another.  Just because two oils came from a similar plant with the same name does not imply that they are exactly the same.  In many cases, there are significant differences that should be attended to. Anise, Lavender, Bay, Cedarwood, and Eucalyptus are all common names, but there are many varieties of these plants that could make a big difference in the type of aromatherapy one wishes to experience.

The last ‘do’ is a simple one.  Try to enjoy aromatherapy.  Though there maybe much to remember as to picking the right types of oils, finding the right manufacturer, retailer and regional producer, in the end it can be quite enjoyable.  So, don’t let being a beginner to the do’s and don’ts stop you from experiencing it.


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