Nov 10

Aromatherapy’s Role in the Home

spring aromaHome is where your loved ones are. Of course, you want to create a clean, comfortable, relaxing environment there. Aromatherapy can do all three of those for you and your family in your home.

Creating a clean place for you and your family to live is very important. First of all, there are germs everywhere and second nobody wants to live in a dirty house. That’s what cleansers at the store are for, right? Yes they are, but they’re also very toxic in more ways than one. If a child or animal accidentally ingests those chemical products, they could be poisoned. Also just breathing in those harsh chemicals, while using them to clean, is damaging to anyone around.

So how exactly would you use aromatherapy to clean your house? That’s easy. There are a couple essential oils that are commonly used for cleaning purposes. These include lavender oil, tea tree oil, lemon oil, frankincense oil, pine oil, and grapefruit oil.

Tea tree oil is wonderful to use on its own as a disinfectant. You can use it to clean just about anything around the house: floors, counters, sinks, toilets, and showers.. It also works well if you mix it with lavender oil. Just get a water bottle and fill it with water and a little borax or baking soda. Then add just a few drops of tea tree and lavender oil and you’ve made your own pleasant smelling disinfectant.

Pine and frankincense both have similar cleaning properties to those of lavender and tea tree oil. You can do the same thing as stated above for a different aroma. This mixture would be good for tackling mold that’s growing around the house. You can also heat some frankincense oil and just let the vapors fill your house. Germs will be dissolved and the air will be fresh and clean.

Lemon essential oil is great for cleaning carpets. Instead of other cleaners, add some lemon oil to the water and go for it. Remember to use more essential oil for this task than you would for say putting together a small water bottle or using an essential oil diffuser. It’s a tough job so bring in the muscles.

Grapefruit, pine or tea tree oil are all effective to use as a room deodorizer. If someone smokes at your house or you have pets you’ll appreciate what these oils can do. You can use any of these mixed in with some water, pour it into a spray bottle and spray away. These essential oils will not just mask the odors you’re trying to get rid of. They’ll actually take them away. You can even use this mixture as a bathroom or car freshener if you’d like.

Okay, so now that your house is clean it’s one step closer to being comfortable and relaxed. What a difference a clean house can make. So your house probably already smells wonderful from the natural cleaning supplies you used, but if you want something different or more relaxing there’s an oil for you.

Lavender oil is known for the ability to alleviate headaches, lift depression and promote relaxation. It has a light floral scent that you’ll love.

Frankincense is an essential oil that will help to slow and deepen your breathing. Use some of this in your house and everyone will calm down. You might want to blend the frankincense with another scent to lighten it up a little.

Rose oil is another popular essential oil that will put you and your family in a good mood. It also has a light floral scent that will help keep you focused while you clean.

To create that comfortable relaxed environment in your home, you can use a diffuser or oil lamp to warm the essential oils. Or, if all else fails you can always mix another bottle of water with your favorite aroma and spray it anywhere you like.

So now you can safely and effectively clean your house without using harsh chemicals. You and your family will feel good and be protected from breathing anything that could be harmful to you. When people come into your house they’ll enjoy the natural aromatherapy in your house.


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