Nov 09

Advantages and Disadvantages of Candle Diffusers

Calming Oil BurnerAromatherapy is a great natural way to relax and relieve stress and tension.  It also will help with certain health problem.  Aromatherapy is used to go with any treatment your Doctor has prescribed.  Diffusion is spreading the scent of the natural oils throughout a room or any area.  There are several ways to use diffusers to circulate the scent of healing oils through your home, or a particular space.

Some simple diffusion methods are useful but have their advantages and disadvantages.  Placing three or four drops of oil on a tissue and leaving it near you is a simple diffusion method.  Any movement in the room can cause the scent to be released from the tissue.  It is helpful to use this method because it is portable and can be used anywhere.  The disadvantage is that it doesn’t send much aroma out into the room.

There is steam diffusion that is effective as well.  Drop up to 10 drops of oil in a bowl of steaming, boiled water.  The steam will quickly spread the aroma throughout the room.  The disadvantage is that heating may destroy the parts of the oils that have the most therapeutic value and are not as effective as cold-air diffusion methods.

Lamp rings are another effective ways of spreading aromatic oil throughout the room as well.  Made from terra cotta they have a groove around the ring that holds the oil as it sits on a light bulb.  They are usually inexpensive, but can cause a light bulb to break if some of the oil accidentally falls on it.  Again, the heat can reduce the therapeutic value of the oils.

Clay pot diffusers also are made from terra cotta.  The oil is put into the container and then a stopper is placed on top.  The container absorbs the oils and spreads the aroma throughout the room.  Aroma is usually strongest when the oil is placed in the pot and lessens every day.  You may also buy fan diffusers, electric heat diffusers, and nebulizers for use in spreading aroma throughout the room.

Electric or battery ran fan diffusers have their advantages in that it uses a small fan to blow the aroma into the air.  The oil is usually put on a disposable pad and the fan blows across this pad to diffuse the oils throughout a whole room.  They are usually portable because you can use them with batteries.  Also available are electric heat diffusers will spread the oil aroma throughout a large room, but as with other heat methods, it can reduce the therapeutic benefit of aromatic oils.

A candle diffuser is different in that it uses a tea light candle or any other candle to heat the oil and promote the diffusion into the room.  A candle diffuser is normally made from ceramic or metal.  It has a place for a candle and a small bowl or tray in which you place the drops of oils.  You can buy candle diffusers in various colors and shapes and can be bought to go with the décor of your home.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to candle diffusers.  The advantages are they can be inexpensive and you don’t need either batteries or electricity to run it.  If you love candles and have ones that are scented already, this could be what you’re looking for.  Another advantage is the aroma is light and isn’t overpowering in the room.

There are some disadvantages to candle diffusers or using candles in general.  Another disadvantage is that you must be sure to keep replacement candles.  In addition, it could be an advantage but also a disadvantage by only putting out a light aroma.  It will not usually diffuse a whole room.  As with other heat-generated diffusers, the heat may alter or destroy ingredients in the oils that have the most therapeutic benefit.

For those of you who prefer the ambience of candlelight and have candles lit to enhance mood most of the time, the candle diffuser would be the obvious choice.  Keeping candles handy isn’t anything to worry about if you already collect and use decorative candles and tea lights.  Candle diffusers are wonderful and give you the best of both worlds, the ambience of candle light and the benefits of aromatherapy.


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